Your Safety is Your Responsibility


The author assumes no responsibility for the safety of users of this guide. Outdoor recreational activities involve a certain degree of risk and are by their very nature potentially hazardous. It is not within the scope of this guide to allow for disclosure of all potential hazards and risks involved in outdoor activities. All participants in such activities must assume the responsibility of their own actions and safety.

Furthermore the author has done her best to make sure the information in this guide is as accurate and useful as possible. However, things can change, trails get rerouted, road conditions change, regulations are modified, etc. Hikers using the information in this guide should make allowances for the possibility that conditions may change. It is always best to check with the local park, BLM or national forest office to determine if the trails you wish to hike and the access roads to reach the trails are open and safe.

Please contact the author with updates, corrects, feedback and comments.

Even the best guide and maps can’t replace good judgment and common sense. Be prepared and cautious. You will have a safer and more enjoyable trip.